January 06, 2020

Future Information Technology Trends in 2020

So, the new year has come and many owners of startups and IT experts began to wonder what innovations should be expected in the new year? What technology will become a trend and why today you need to understand how to respond to them?

Below is a list of key innovations that will affect information technology in 2020.


Automation is aimed to augment people and drive the automation process. It combines packaged software, machine learning, and automation tools to deliver the results. In the next couple of years, automation of data science will empower scientists to churn out advanced analysis.

2.Distributed Cloud

Distributed cloud is the distribution of public cloud services to different physical locations, while the operation, governance, updates and evolution of the services are the responsibility of the originating public cloud provider. The use of a distributed cloud marks a move away from a centralized model of public cloud services and speaks of a new era in cloud computing.

3.The Empowered Edge

Currently, the focus on peripheral computing is being done by the Internet of things. It connects a huge number of connected devices not only in the consumer sector, but also in manufacturing or retail. Researchers suggest that Edge Computing will become the dominant technology in almost all industries with a large number of application scenarios. Sophisticated peripherals, including robots, drones, autonomous vehicles, and operating systems will further accelerate technology development.

4.Democratization of Technology

Democratization of technology means more people get access to tools and information that were previously reserved for a few. According to forecasts, the trend towards the democratization of data and technology will become more pronounced and will include four aspects: democratization of data and analytics, democratization of development, democratization of design and democratization of knowledge. The best example of democratization can be credited to the developer, who will be able to generate data models without learning the skills of a data scientist.

5.Human Augmentation

Technology enriches human experience, endowing it with enhanced opportunities for cognition of information or giving it physical advantages. The expansion of the physical capabilities of people is provided through the use of wearable devices. Cognitive expansion of human capabilities will occur both due to access to information provided by traditional computer systems, and due to the emergence of a multifunctional interface in intelligent spaces.

6.Autonomous Control

This trend is set by companies such as Tesla, Alphabet, etc. Experts predict that autonomous cars will be popularized in the near future. Thanks to data collection and analytics, this will be possible. However, significant changes will be required in current infrastructures, laws and social settings before the use of autonomous vehicles becomes possible in current technological trends.


DARQ is an abbreviation of the three key concepts that a business will encounter. Information storage technology (DLT technology), AI (Artificial intelligence) — artificial intelligence, augmented reality (VR, AR), quantum computing (Quantum computing) form one of the future technological trends in 2020, which enterprises should integrate.

Like any fast-growing IT company, Wamisoftware follows all technology trends. Of course, this is not a complete list of future innovations, but we have identified the main ones that we believe will be at the top of popularity this year.

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