July 06, 2023

Interview with Wamisoftware’s React Native Developer

— How did you decide to become a developer? Why?

— I just went to the basics of programming to try it out. I liked it and went on to take front-end courses since the basics were in javascript. Front-end chose me, and I’m delighted it happened. I am grateful to myself in the past that I decided to try programming.

— What do you like most about your job?
 — I like to adjust my own time: rest when I want and work when I want. But I am responsible to my customers and work ahead of time.

— What technologies do you work with?
 — Mostly React Native because it is the leading and most modern technology for my tasks. Like a fish in water, I feel at ease in my work because I know all the nuances and can usually analyze and predict my actions in advance.

— Why did you choose React?
React is the most popular, and you can solve some unusual development tasks because someone in a large React community has already done something like this. It’s important because I can either consult or find a new solution.

— What project are you proud of? Did you have any insights while working on it or any important professional conclusions?
 — I was pleased when I wrote a project from scratch for the first time and uploaded it to AppStore and Google Play (two years ago). My specialization is React Native — new projects from scratch to uploading them to the store. I like to be responsible for my project independently; I’m good at it.

— What projects would you like to work with in the future and why?
 — I easily interact with the team and can get a new experience because I want to work with the Web or, as of now, be responsible for a Mobile Application on my own. I’m open to new projects and opportunities and would love to work on something new!

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