October 24, 2019

Green technologies

Recently, the term “green technologies” has gained a great popularity. What caused such popularity and how they are used by leading IT companies will be considered below.

Green technology is an initiative based on IT solutions that aim to conserve nature. For example: processing and recycling of materials, wastewater treatment, energy saving, as well as renewable energy sources. Environmental protection is now one of the most pressing topics of recent years. Therefore, the largest IT companies are actively implementing their industrial cycles with such technologies.


Apple is working hard to reduce the negative impact on the environment. Apple’s new headquarter was created using green technology and uses 30% less energy than similar IT offices. Apple also aims to completely switch to renewable energy using solar and wind energy. Most of the company’s stores, offices and data centers in the United States are powered by solar panels, and Mac Pro equipment is powered by wind farms. The corporation also takes care of water. Clear Water’s special program focuses on wastewater treatment and reuse. The close attention of Apple is directed to the disposal of the company’s old electronic devices. Apple stores accept used equipment for recycling. The company is also working to improve the performance of its equipment so that the devices consume less power.


Apple’s main competitor, Samsung, also has a strong interest in protecting the environment. All products of the company comply with environmental safety requirements. In addition, most electronic devices come in safe packaging that can be completely recycled, and after the end of their service life, the gadgets can be returned to the manufacturer for free recycling. Samsung is also working on a new product line under the Eco brand.


IBM, which has refocused from electronics to developing software solutions and various technological innovations, also meets the requirements of green technologies and strives to improve them by all means. This fact is confirmed by the creation of a parabolic reflector, which captures the sun’s rays and creates the effect of amplifying solar energy several thousand times, desalinating water and purifying the air during its use. In addition, IBM is also working on the Green Horizon environmental project, which aims to reduce air pollution in China.

Wamisoftware :)

Of course, we cannot compete with global corporations and we don’t have the opportunity to use green technology in our company, but we strongly support environmental initiatives. In our office, we try to minimize energy consumption and waste.

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