January 30, 2023

Wamisoftware developer’s tools for boosting productivity

Our developers work on cool projects, often introducing innovations the world has never seen. But this work requires a lot of focus and dedication.

In this article, the Wamisoftware developers’ team decided to share the tools to increase our productivity on the way to the perfect result!


It is convenient to send and check requests, and many features are handy. For example, you can insert cURL, and all request data are skipped. Also, you can just insert JSON, and there is an automatic alignment for an excellent display to understand which object refers to the field.

Testcontainers for Java

It is a Java library that supports JUnit tests. In addition, it provides lightweight, throwaway instances of common databases, Selenium web browsers, or other matter that can run in a Docker container.


It’s a platform that helps applications work correctly, simplifies delivery and launch, and mundane configuration tasks remove repetition. They are used throughout the development lifecycle for fast, easy desktop and cloud application development. It’s a container that allows you to package an application with its environment, predefined settings, and dependencies and then deploy it where and when you need it.


We are actively using ELK in one of our projects. Elasticsearch is the entire system’s core, combining database, search and analytics functions. Logstash is a server-side processing pipeline that takes data from multiple sources simultaneously, parses the log, and then sends it to the Elasticsearch database. Kibana allows us to visualize data with charts and graphs in Elasticsearch.


A tool for working with cloud storage and libre servers that supports FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3, OpenStack Swift, Backblaze B2, Microsoft Azure & OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

Azure DevOps

It is a set of tools for managing services, collecting data, building reports, and tracking project statuses and changes. It is designed for collaborative work on software development projects.


It is a tool for automated browser management. In addition, we use it to test applications, increase productivity and track our development progress.


Swagger is an open-source and professional toolset that helps users and teams design, test, monitor, develop, and document APIs, saving time.


We use the Maven tool for managing a project’s build, reporting, and documentation, a central piece of information.


We use this instrument to test performance on static and dynamic resources and Web applications.

For example, we can use JMeter to analyze overall performance under different load types or simulate a significant load on a server or group of servers, network or object to test its strength.


We use this tool to parse an object from JSON and vice versa. Therefore, it is convenient and helps us a lot in our work.


At Wamisoftware, we use this tool to verify data in a token. It helps us save time and improve productivity.

IntelliJ IDEA

This tool includes a powerful code editor, built-in testing features and refactoring tools. In addition, IntelliJ IDEA has an extensive plugin ecosystem. Also, it contains more instruments that help us work more productively.


This source code analysis platform is a leading software development tool that integrates with various source control systems. It enables developers to analyze their code base for issues and defects and find and fix them quickly. In addition, the platform provides comprehensive coverage of the codebase for different programming languages used in the project.

YourKit Profiler

It is an excellent tool that provides detailed information about each executed thread, method call, and class in your application. This helps us to identify and resolve performance issues and optimize your code as needed. It is a full-featured Java profiler that provides exceptional insight into the execution of your Java applications.


We use this framework for Java testing. It’s very convenient and significantly improves the productivity of our developers.


We use this tool to create CI/CDs. Also, Jenkins integrates with practically every tool in the continuous integration and continuous delivery toolchain. This tool includes features and instruments that help us work on almost every project.


We use Snyk to analyze Java code quickly and efficiently. Snyk weave security expertise into existing IDEs, reports, and workflows. Also, it monitors for vulns while we develop, using industry-leading security intelligence. Finally, it provides actionable fix advice in your tools. In our work, it is a necessary assistant that saves a lot of time.

Thus, the variety of tools we use extensively improves our work and helps us track results and improve them. We hope these tools will also be handy in your work and become permanent assistants.

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