” Riot”

We are proud to be the developers of a well-known corporate communication tool, Riot.im. It incorporates group chat, video conferencing and VoIP calling, file transfer, bridge networks, API integration with other tools and high-level cryptography to keep corporate data secure.
When the customer contacted us they had a ready web app design in mind and have set strict timeframes for the project. We had to do everything in 5 days — and so the work began!
We conducted an in-depth analysis of the design and features ordered and formed a stack of technologies needed for the project creation. We chose Wordpress as a platform for website admin panel and began  working on the features implementation.
As the project involved working with video content, we decided to go  with classic method, to use HTML video library. This helped us provide secure and stable channel for videoconferencing and sending various video materials. Another issue arose with delivering the highest quality of images and adapting them for varying screen resolutions across a plethora of supported devices. 

The Result

The ready product is available at riot.im. As you can see, we were able to deliver the full range of expected features within the timeframes and budget set.

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