Web site ” new home”

One big construction company from Kharkiv, Ukraine, contacted us with a request to design a website for their new residential complex “The new home”, which was in the planning stage at the moment.
They wanted the website to be simple and informative, provide all the needed details regarding the apartments and the infrastructure of the complex, answer the most frequent questions and concerns, and motivate the visitor to contact the sales manager to place an order.
The customer provided us with detailed descriptions of the residential complex, its advantages, planning of apartments and general preferences regarding the website design and functionality. This is a very important and sensitive topic, as buying living space is often a lifetime purchase, so the website should have instill trust and be as informative as possible. We began our work by analyzing the competition, created several customer personas and analyzed their possible preferences; we experienced the process of choosing and ordering an apartment firsthand and formulated several user cases. This gave us invaluable background for further product development.
We accomplished the prototyping, website frontend design and backend development within 1 month. Admin panel was built in Wordpress and we have provided complete documentation to allow the customer’s managers work with the website. The ready website was stylish, informative and helped the customer sell the apartments for more than a year.

New website!


After that the customer decided to expand the website and transform it into a flexible platform that can be easily configured to promote new offerings from the company. This demanded complete overhaul of the website design and architecture. We implemented the possibility to add descriptions of new projects as separate blocks, convenient filters for browsing the assortment, and a block for managing the company’s promo actions and special offers. These adjustments took 1,5 months and the ready product still works well, being a versatile and efficient tool for our customer.

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