The challenge

One of the customers we had already worked with, Daniel, came up with a neat idea. What if we create an app to help the business owners fill in the shifts and baristas or waiters earn some extra money? We had already worked with him on many occasions and are a partner of Mocom.mobi, so we knew we will be able to turn this idea into reality.

The project

When we begin working on a project from the idea stage, the first thing we pay attention to is the market analysis and pointing out the competitive edges of a new product. Then our team describes the future app’s structure and logic and defines the technology stack best used to implement them. Adjusting the paper sketches is much faster than correcting the working prototypes, after all.


The headhunting market is huge, fluent and constantly progressing, so we needed a compelling product that will win the hearts of both employers and applicants at once. For this project we needed to create all the prototypes, design app workflow logic, deliver a mobile app and highlight all the benefits of the app - a quick and convenient job finder, both for full-time and part-time employment.


To meet all the requirements of the customer we have made the following decisions: - We created separate applications — one for the employers and another one for employees - We made the apps and the user cards themselves Tinder-like, to make sure they are simple to use and familiar - We implemented a convenient chat between the employers and employees -We introduced a fast and secure payment method Once we chose the components of the apps, we came up with mockups, colors and the overall app appearance.



Within 3 weeks we delivered the whole app structure, screen by screen, with detailed explanations and passed it on to development. Once this was underway, we received a task of creating a bright promotional website. We added lots of bright colors and animations, illustrations and a gif, depicting the main features, along with thorough explanations of the app functions, both for the employers and the staff. The result can be seen here — tipzy.me.



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