Web site ” Flavour TV”

We want to tell you about another particularly interesting and tasty :) project we completed. One of our customers was a food blogger for 3 years, posting on various resources and not having his own website. 
He decided to advance to another level and launch his own portal with valuable insights and recommendations on delicious meals from different cuisines. The project seemed enthralling both from aesthetic point of view and content, so we couldn’t wait to start cooking! :)
It was the first time we encountered the food blogging industry, so we had to spend a lot of time on field research. We came to a conclusion we had to provide a plethora of visually stunning and interesting content to engage the visitors of Flavour TV. Within one week we created mockups and the main page design. The site should not have been overwhelming, the main focus should have remained on the content, yet we wanted the product to be modern, dynamic and appealing.
To make this true we added a bit of animations into the mix.The admin panel was built using Wordpress. The website allows creating, managing and editing categories with all attached information. A team of 4 developers accomplished the project in 21 days. While working on the website we had a great chance to enrich our experience with React native, HTML5 and interactivity. We tried to make the resulting product as useful and appealing as possible, and we think this task was fully accomplished.

Look and cook :-)

Look and cook :)

The resulting product is a nicely looking and well-structured website, that meets all the main needs and requirements of the customer and allows flexible content management. The goals were met within strict terms and budget.

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