“Uchisto” application

We want to tell you a story of how one project helped our team learn English better! We had to bring to life the idea and design our partners from Saint Petersburg came up with - a mobile app for learning English using vocabularies with cards.
This was a project for brick-and-mortar English courses that wanted to increase their audience in a somewhat unusual way.
The app should have contained 40 vocabularies with 100 words in each. Each word had to have and English and Russian translation, transcription and audial representation. The main benefit of this app is that the downloaded product does not need an Internet connection and can function fully offline after purchase. We began the work by analyzing the specification and design requirements, along with the inner content structure and audial components. We chose Xcode as the development platform.
During the development we understood the initial interface idea was somewhat bulky and inconvenient. This lead us to changing the whole design logic and simplifying navigation, by composing several elements into a single card. We have also created a widget for Android app, which provides the statistics and allows the users track their progress. Several vocabularies are provided for free, the rest should be purchased. Billing is implemented through the inner payment methods of Appstore and Google Play market.

Nice application

We developed this product within 2 months. We have also provided ongoing support and accomplished several minor related tasks. Thanks to this, our partners can now teach English through their mobile app in addition to housing face-to-face English courses in Saint Petersburg!

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