“Trayce” application

Wanna know what the perfect customer for a web/mobile development company looks like in our opinion? This should be a developer company themselves, as they understand what can or cannot be done and how long it is going to take. Why do we think so?
Because we have such a case in our portfolio. Meet the Trayce.io project, which takes part in high-level Nordea startup accelerator! This neat digital expense management tool can be a real lifesaver for small businesses and entrepreneurs.
We were truly lucky to get to know Christopher and Thomas and take part in developing iOS and Android apps for their startup. When we first got in touch, these guys had already won the A-class position in the contest, meaning they had had project documentation, a presentation, ready design, structure idea and a working web app. They provided us with stylish sketches of an expected mobile apps design and we were able to provide clear estimates, which was essential due to tight timeframes Trayce team faced.
The first stage involved developing the design and logical structure of the apps using React native, based on the already existing web app. Then we introduced the fields autofill logics, screen swiping, API for data refresh, editing, refresh and transfer.

Goal achieved

ready to Nordea accelerator final

Within 1.5 months the apps for iOS and Android were ready and Trayce team was able to show the ready project at the Nordea finals!

Do you want beautiful web-site or mobile app?