Smile Food application

What do you expect to get when you use an app to order food online(aside from a tasty meal :))? Most likely, it will be a clear and understandable user flow, stylish design that does not distract from the process, convenient means of contacting support and issuing the payment, yes? 
These were the ideas we came up with when a food delivery company from Odessa, Ukraine, chose us to develop mobile apps for their service.


We had to create convenient mobile apps for ordering food online, keep them aligned to restaurant’s website style and make the whole resource easy to use and convenient. We began with analyzing the solutions from Ukrainian competitors and analogs from the Western market. This helped us determine the main set of really important functions for this kind of apps: view quickly - order easily - pay conveniently. We decided to use popular web development technology, used by Facebook — React native.
We began with developing the design mockups and user flow. Our primary goal was keeping  the specifics of the restaurant’s website design unchanged. After analyzing the details we decided to apply the same design and user flow for both iOS and Android apps. To synchronize the list of goods with the restaurant’s actual stock we created a specification for API development and gave it to the restaurant’s website support team.


Check the app

As multiple in-app feedback and reviews on Smilefood’s website say, the apps we developed deliver the flavor of Odessa and help enjoy tasty meals via a simple and useful food ordering. If you are ever going to visit Odessa — feel free to order tasty pizza and sushi using Smilefood’s iOS or Android apps!

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