Mini game for children ” Learn to read”

Imagine the app that helps your kids learn to read by playing funny games! Fluffylab does exactly that and we are proud to be its developers. Fluffylab is the very first project of Wamisoftware and despite the fact we released the app 3 years ago, this project clearly deserves a place in our portfolio. The customer created a full app description based on pedagogical principles, our partners from Saint-Petersburg came up with an interesting and engaging design and when we thought all that’s left is development, the challenges had begun...
Game development is a specific process, and our initial 2-month-long estimates had to be prolonged for 2 more months. However, when both the customer and the team is oriented at achieving the best result, everything becomes doable. Another challenge was the need to make the app as small and resource-efficient as possible.


The app consists of 5 components and we decided to develop them separately to simplify the development and testing process. We chose Unity3d as the development platform, Trello for task management, Gmail and Skype for communication. The planning stage involved analyzing the details of the project, its architecture and splitting the tasks into Trello cards


After completing the planning we began developing the app. First we created the main page, variants of authorization, settings screen, notifications and added the ability to play sounds as certain games had audial component. This lead to building the  games themselves, designing various levels and components. We tried various ways of compressing the contents and were able to make the app really compact.


5 mini games

On the final stage of the project we introduced the logic that splits the game into free trial with 3 levels and a fully functional proprietary app. The whole product is interesting, nicely looking and, most importantly, useful!

for all mobile devices

This is application for smartphones and tablets
for both platforms Android and Ios

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