We want to tell you about our next international project that, we believe, facilitated the enhancement of Ukrainian-Brazilian relations in some way too, it’s Merkatua training platform — a new concept of creating a knowledge depository and a training tool with a special focus on big corporations with more than 3000 employees, predominantly banks and call centers.
In this platform there’s a solution called “smart routing” that when the final customer tries to contact the company platform makes it clear which skills must be used in order to talk with this particular customer. This project has been evaluated in 4 months and we’re still working hard to make it a reality.
We’ve launched the website for Merkatua recently and currently we’re on the stage of creating the landing page. Tracking of the project is conducted via Jira, Slack, GoogleDrive, GetLab. During the development of Merkatua platform our team worked with Node.js, React, Redux and MongoDB. Design was accomplished in Figma. Actually that was our first project in which we’ve started using this designer tool.
In the work process our team implements agile software development to navigate in the ever-changing conditions of the external and internal environment and take into account the feedback from customers and users. This encourages developers to experiment and look for new solutions, not limiting themselves to rigid frameworks and standards. Once in 2-3 days we hold meetings where we discuss the agenda, share our ideas and suggestions with each other and come up with solutions if necessary. Each member of our team is constantly involved into the project and makes own contribution to it.

Final application

Will be released soon!

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