A personal trainer for each and every student MyWay is a chatbot. It recommends students what to exercise, when, how and with whom. It matches students with their friends for peer-learning and sends dozens of other fully personalized recommendations.


We want to tell you about our next international project that, we believe, facilitated the enhancement of Ukrainian-Brazilian relations in some way too, it’s Merkatua training platform  -  a new concept of creating a knowledge depository and a training tool with a special focus on big corporations with more than 3000 emplo...

Zash POS

One of the results of Wamisoftware-Zash cooperation was building partners relationship, meeting potential partners and joint participation on WEBsummit in Lisbon with Zash project.

Web site ” Flavour TV”

We want to tell you about another particularly interesting and tasty :) project we completed. One of our customers was a food blogger for 3 years, posting on various resources and not having his own website. He decided to advance to another level and launch his own portal with valuable insights and recommendations on delicious m...

” Riot”

We are proud to be the developers of a well-known corporate communication tool, It incorporates group chat, video conferencing and VoIP calling, file transfer, bridge networks, API integration with other tools and high-level cryptography to keep corporate data secure. When the customer contacted us they had a ready web ...

“Trayce” application

Wanna know what the perfect customer for a web/mobile development company looks like in our opinion? Meet the project, which takes part in high-level Nordea startup accelerator!

Smile Food application

What do you expect to get when you use an app to order food online(aside from a tasty meal :))? Most likely, it will be a clear and understandable user flow, stylish design that does not distract from the process, convenient means of contacting support and issuing the payment, yes? These were the ideas we came up with when a foo...

“Uchisto” application

We want to tell you a story of how one project helped our team learn English better! We had to bring to life the idea and design our partners from Saint Petersburg came up with - a mobile app for learning English using vocabularies with cards.

Web site ” new home”

One big construction company from Kharkiv, Ukraine, contacted us with a request to design a website for their new residential complex “The new home”, which was in the planning stage at the moment.

Mini game for children ” Learn to read”

Imagine the app that helps your kids learn to read by playing funny games! Fluffylab does exactly that and we are proud to be its developers. Fluffylab is the very first project of Wamisoftware and despite the fact we released the app 3 years ago, this project clearly deserves a place in our portfolio. The customer created a f...


One of the customers we had already worked with, Daniel, came up with a neat idea. What if we create an app to help the business owners fill in the shifts and baristas or waiters earn some extra money? We had already worked with him on many occasions and are a partner of, so we knew we will be able to turn this idea i...